About My Little Cuisine

Eating is a part of our everyday life, why not making it meaningful?

Welcome to My Little Cuisine! Here you will find recipes, joy, advice, pictures, opinions, friends, life…
I am a 27 years old french girl who loves eating since… well ever. Cooking comes of course close second. I love finding new recipes, trying new flavors and treat my close ones with “feel-good” meals. I also enjoy bringing home fresh products I bought from local producers and bite in an organic apple that looked ugly but tastes amazing. Being 27 with a budget, I need to find solutions to save money and make the most out of every ingredients. That’s what I want to share today: tricks, advice and recipes to enjoy every meal, live healthy and happy everyday. Feel free to share your respectful opinion and ask me any question you have about my blog/articles: I’ll do my best to answer.

They are important in this blog

The boyfriend


He cooks, he laughs, he loves, but above all he cleans the dishes! Introducing Cyril, the perfect boyfriend.

The dog

He loves cheese more than meat.
He was adopted in a shelter.
He’s a german shepherd mixed with… something not that smart.
He hates showers.
He’s the best dog in the whole world.
His farts are gonna kill us all.

The author


I studied journalism and am now writing online as a hobby.
I learned English in the US as an exchange student when I was 16. I still make mistakes.
I suck at maths (I apologize in advance for the converting mistakes I’ll make).
I love travelling very very much. Eating abroad: best thing EVER.
I’m always trying to loose 5kg (but I don’t).

I love life.