Cooking tips: 3 ways to tell if your eggs have gone bad

Okay, most of the eggs have an expiration date written on them. But, if you buy eggs from a local market, there’s a good chance there is no date written, or that the bad quality ink will fade really fast. And when you have a boyfriend that likes to place the eggs all mixed up in the refrigerator door, well go figure which ones are the oldest 😉

But fear not, my friend! Here I come again with the ultimate cooking tips. Stop staring at the shell, it will show no sign of age, unless you kept the egg outside for two months (in which case the shell will just break apart in your hand and good luck getting rid of the smell).

No, when trying to tell if an egg has gone bad, try this:

  1. Fill up a deep pan or your sink with water and place the egg in it. If it sinks right away, the egg is basically just out of the hen. If the tip floats, it’s okay, go for it. If the whole egg floats… Well don’t. Or check the next tips.
  2. Shake the egg close to your ear. If you can hear something: nope, don’t. A good egg should make no noise at all.
  3. Break the egg in a plate: in a good egg, the white sticks well to the yellow, it’s hard to separate one from the other. But if the white is almost liquid, and parts easily, throw everything away.

Anyway, if you have any doubt, it’s better to throw the thing away than trying anyway 😉

Have a good day!


6 thoughts on “Cooking tips: 3 ways to tell if your eggs have gone bad

  1. So funny, I found a whole carton of eggs that was accidentally pushed to the back of my fridge the other day and was wondering if they were still good. I couldn’t find a date on them and just went for it figuring I could tell from the consistency. Ironically I was making that Scandinavian quiche recipe you just posted… it was my quiche of the week 🙂


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