Recipe: chocolate pancakes with orange and raspberry coulis

Brunches on Sunday are sacred to me. On the menu: fresh orange juice, latte and some kind of sweet and salty hearty meal. In France, the most common delicacy would be croissants, pains au chocolat (kind of a croissant with chocolate in it) and baguette topped with butter and jam or cream cheese and vegetables.


A common french brunch: croissants, pains au chocolat, baguette and chouquettes. (Julien Hayer/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

But even though it’s delicious, there are many other kind of breakfast all other the world. The first time I tried pancakes was in the US. I was staying in the best host family for a year and my host mom was a great cook! She prepared breakfast with pancakes, hash-brown and/or some kind of little hamburger/sausage kind of thing which I don’t recall the exact name of. I remember being chocked at first that you would eat something salty for breakfast (I was 16 at the time and didn’t know anything else than french breakfast). But pancakes, breakfast sausages and hash-brown immediately won my heart and I like to prepare it from time to time.

I learned how to cook pancakes in the cooking class I was taking at that time in my high school. And once back in France, I was surprised of how many of my family members and friends never tried it. With time I used new recipes and today I wanted to try a new version, a bit more “gourmet” than the traditional pancakes. Please enjoy and give me your feedback on it 🙂

Recipe: chocolate pancakes with raspberry and orange coulis (by My Little Cuisine)

Chocolate pancakes recipe with raspberry and orange coulis.

Ingredients for 4 persons:


  • 250 g flour (2 cups)
  • 20 g sugar (2 tbsp)
  • 10 g vanilla sugar (1 tbs)
  • 2 medium size eggs
  • 11 g baking powder (1 tbsp)
  • 10 cl oil (1 tbsp)
  • 30 cl milk (1 1/4 cup)
  • 20 g desert chocolate powder (2 tbsp)
  • salt
  1. In  a bowl, mix the flour, both sugars, the baking powder, the salt and the chocolate.
  2. Make a little well in the middle, crack the eggs in it and mix.
  3. Add the oil, mix, and slowly add the milk while whisking the mixture. Careful not to leave lumps in it.
  4. Leave the preparation in the fridge for at least one hour.
  5. Wet a paper towel with a bit of oil and brush a pan with it. Then place the pan on medium fire.
  6. When the pan is hot, pour a small ladle of pancake mix in the middle. Wait about 30 seconds and turn the pancake over with a spatula. Wait another 30 seconds and put the pancake on a plate. (Depending on what stove you have, this step may take less or more time)
  7. Repeat step 5 and 6 until you run out of pancake mix.

Orange coulis

  • 1 orange
  • 60 g sugar (1/3 cup)
  • a bit of water (optional)
  1. Squeeze the orange and pour the juice and sugar in a small pan.
  2. Place the pan on medium fire and mix until the sugar is melted and the juice starts boiling.
  3. Remove from heat and let the coulis cool down. Add water if the coulis is too thick.

Raspberry coulis (quick and easy)

For the raspberry coulis, you can use the previous recipe, replacing the orange with 150 g of raspberries, but you’ve done enough cooking, so I have a quicker way to prepare it…

  • 50 g raspberry jam (1/4 cup)
  • water
  1. In a pan over medium fire, dilute the raspberry jam with the water until you get a thick coulis.
  2. Once the jam is diluted, remove from heat.
  3. If you don’t like the seeds, remove them using a sieve.

Enjoy! 🙂



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