Basket from the market: my menus ideas

I like to buy fruits and vegetables from local farmers. They generally taste better, don’t cost much more than the ones you buy from the store and it’s nice to know where what you eat comes from. Living in a big city, I have the chance to have many markets around where I live. But getting up early on weekends or – even worse – extra early on working days is never gonna happen, let’s face it, so I use my great friend: the Internet.

Many associations allow you to buy products online from local farmers and collect them at a given place. The one I chose is called “La Ruche qui dit oui” (the Hive that says yes)(wow, that sounds even weirder in English). For those interested, they exist in many countries in Europe (The Food Assembly/Marktschwärmer/¡La Colmena que dice Sí!/Boeren & Buren…).

I love picking my weekly basket: the colors are bright, you feel the fruits and vegetables are ripe just right, they even smell good when you bring them back…

And you have so much choice! So many recipes awaiting! So here are a few meals I intend to prepare soon… I hope it may help some of you having a hard time figuring out what to prepare for your week menus!



I love turnips and I feel they deserve a bit more consideration in every cuisine. They go well with many other vegetables.

My menu idea: Turnip and Jerusalem artichokes purée with carrot caramel and pecan nuts chips

BAM! That sounds so fancy. Okay that’s actually the fanciest idea I got in this article. And now the recipe is up online.

Two colors carrots

DSC_0256This week, they are orange and yellow. It’s fun to play with the colors in your meal (as I don’t really taste the difference between the two types).

My menu idea: carrots, butternut squash and quinoa mix

A healthy menu idea that goes well with a salad for lunch!






My only problem with leeks: getting the dirt completely out. I buy them without the deep green leaves as I never know what to cook with them.

My menu idea: diet leeks fondue

That one is not so original, but so good! You can also use this fondue in a tart recipe.



I’ve always hated spinach as a kid (thanks to the cafeteria in school), but with fresh leaves, it’s awesome. Cyril asked that I keep them for the weekend. He’ll be doing the cooking! 🙂

His menu idea: Spinach, goat cheese and salmon quiche (the recipe for this norwegian quiche is here!)

And I’ll keep a few leaves for a surprise recipe  🙂


…and lamb’s lettuce

I love this type of lettuce, it goes well with everything and is so tender and almost sweet.

The salad idea: lamb’s lettuce with duck and red beets!

Jerusalem artichokes


It will be the second time I prepare those vegetables in my life. I love the taste, close to hazelnuts. That’s why they actually go so well with turnips. I’ll use some for the purée and keep the rest for…

The menu idea: Carrot and Jerusalem artichokes gratin


Butternut squash


The last time I used butternut was delicious (check the recipe here)! This time I’ll try something I have never prepared…

My challenge: Butternut soufflé

If you don’t see any butternut recipe coming up, it’s probably because I’d have failed miserably and bathing my shame in delivery pizzas. Don’t ask.

Red beetroot


Cyril asked for those but I hate it. But a can keep a piece for a pink smoothie idea! I haven’t looked into it yet, if you got any great recipe, please share in the comments 🙂



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