Cooking tip: how to squeeze a fruit properly

Some people can’t live without coffee. Personnaly, I can’t wake up without orange juice for breakfast. And rather than buying juice in boxes or bottles, I like to drink it freshly squeezed.

The thing is: it’s annoying. Whether with a classic or electric juicer, I’ll always end up checking if I squeezed the whole juice out. It takes a long time to make sure nothing goes to waste. (Yes, 1st world problems…)

But a really simple trick allows you to squeeze quickly the whole juice from a citrus fruit. Simply put your lemon/orange/grapefruit on a hard surface. Place the palm of your hand on the fruit and press firmly while rolling it around. This will “bruise” the whole fruit and the juice behind the skin will already be outside of its cell when you squeeze it! Plus, you won’t need to push down so hard on your fruit (and you won’t break your juicer after only 5 uses)(yep… been there, done that…).

If you found this tip helpful, don’t hesitate showing me your best juices or recipes on Facebook or Instagram 🙂

Enjoy your day!


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