Zoom on : Kroket, the best snack EVER!

For those who didn’t know, I have two nationalities. I lived in France practically my whole life, like my mother, but I was born in the Netherlands, like my father. Half my family lives close to Eindhoven and I regularly go visit them for family events. And every time I HAVE to get my hands on krokets. Which is pretty easy given that you have actually vending machines with krokets in it.

The kroket is a snack made of a tasty, oh so delicious filling and a crispy coating. The whole thing is deep fried. I’ve never been quite sure of what the filling is made of. I’m not sure I really wanna know, but basically, it’s a mix of bechamel, chopped meat and onions/mushrooms/vegetables. It’s soft, it’s salty, it’s so good. If you ever get your hands on it, try it.

Now, I can find some in Lyon (where I live), in one snack/restaurant, but they don’t prepare it the way IT SHOULD BE. That is:

  1. You take a small white bread (kinda looks like a hot dog bread).
  2. You place the kroket on the bread
  3. You squish it until it spills its guts and spread its beautiful goodness on the bread.
  4. You add a tasty mayonnaise on top of it. If you’re in the Netherlands, ask for fritesaus or knoflocksaus. Or you can add mustard, or any other sauce. I’m not judging you. I swear.
  5. Eat. Love. Ask for another one.

Bon appétit 🙂



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